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Posted 10/28/2011

>>I have been playing the Aliens: Infestation game on the Nintendo DS and in one level you enter the Space Jockey room from Alien only in this one there are egg's around the Space Jockey itself. In this room you are attacked by an Alien which seems to have come from inside the Space jockey as it has a long elephant-like trunk.
>>Obviously this game is nothing to do with Prometheus but do you think this is kind of what a Space Jockey born Alien would look like? Its a small pic but you can make it out just fine. Reply to this post.


Posted 10/28/2011

>>Maybe the space jockeys are already tubed and got tails? Great image though, thanks for that. I hope a spawn born from a jockey would not the same as from a human. Makes me wonder a bit about the nature of the space jockeys suit and nose hose before it died and mineralized, carbonized...fossilized. It's quite an exciting concept of space travel, you know, being part of the ship and embedded for a long and hard journey of some extreme importance. Maybe even ritualistic and religious. Or not! Reply to this post.

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